Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bakers creek seed company

This company is amazing when it comes to seeds. They have only heirloom organic non-gmo seeds and have fruits and veggies from all over the world.

I ordered seeds on monday and had them wednesday. This company goes above and behond every time. They hand sign all the order forms in your package and almost always include a free seed packet. I,ve gotten free pink tomatoes and free purple broccoli.
Not to mention they have a extensive beautiful catalog that looks more like a softcover book then a catalog. A huge plus is seed packets range from $1 - $3 compaired to other company's $5 seed packets. For example a lettuce seed packet has 300+ seeds for $2.50 and with almost a 100% germ. Rate this is a great deal.

I highly suggest if you have not tried this company that you go to and order your catalog or just browse their online selections. I have already pre ordered my 2011 catalog which begins shipping in december. Bakers creek heirloom seeds I love you guys!!!

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