Tuesday, June 29, 2010

country living...

I have just picked myself up a copy of country living let me just say this the 800+ pages is very intimidating but this is a great book so far you just have to pick and choose. This author really goes back to the bare roots. Making your own clothing, building you own shelters, using washboards to wash clothes, hunting and gathering for your own food, using a wood burning stove and candles instead of electric...

I mean I can go on and on, but this is what I'm taking from it so far.
We can easily make our own candles and use less electric if its the middle of the day instead of flipping on a switch open a shade and use sunlight.

- The best wax for hand dipping is 1254 ( this info came from aztec candle making )
- and don't ever but wax directly on a heat source use a double boiler method

Instead of using your drying machine all the time on sunny days hand dry your laundry out side.

Plant your own garden of crops instead on relying on over proccesed pesticide sprayed trucked across america veggies and fruits.
- make sure you look into proper growing times and varities for your zone.. for example the southern states need a shortday onion since we don't have a long cold season like the north
- plant broccoli early in the south as it needs a long growing season and heat will cause it to flower and seed
- rubarb tends to be a northern plant and is hard to go down south

If your land premits even raise a few chickens for fresh eggs and meat.
- please research city codes before buying hens
- please make sure you read into rasing chickens and are well prepaired

Instead of driving 2 blocks over for something walk or ride a bike.

Instead of filling landfills with disposiable baby diapers start using cloth with the flushable liners. Start learning to love the earth a little more then we do now.

This book seems great so far in its teaching ways.

It also has a great herb section and made me so excited about my herbs I went outside and harvested a bunch and tied into bundles and hung them from our kitchen pass through. I know have marjarom. Sage, lemon balm, stevia, rosemary, and basil drying. also made fresh basil cubes that I froze and bagged. : )

To make basil cubes:
- first take 1 or 2 cups of fresh packed basil
- chop by hand or a food processor
- pack basil into ice cube trays
- fill basil stuffed cubes with water or olive oil
- freeze like ice
- take cubes out of tray when fully frozen and place into freezer bags that are marked with name and date of creation
- use within 6 months
You can drop these into stews, roasts, sauces, make a pesto with them and use as you would like fresh basil

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