Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disasters in the summer garden

Normally down here in zone 9 we can get a after winter warm season crop, but this year after the deep freezes we had all winter and a winter that was longer then normal and now the super hot summer sun has prevented that.

I had squashs, tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, bush and pole beans, eggplants, cucumbers, okra, cantalope, watermelons, calendula (flower petals can be eaten), and borage (cucumber tasting herb with beautiful purple and pink flowers, leaves contain jucies that can be placed in the bottom of a cup for a cooling effect for summer drinks).

The first to go were the calendula who when in bloom has wonderful reddish orange and yellow petals they turned balck and wilted to the ground after about 2 weeks of intense florida sun.
The next to go was the borage who's hollow stems broke and wilted after about 3 weeks (plant did manage to go to seed first however, these can be collected or left on the plant so it reseeds itself).
The next were the tomatoes who first got infested with weird looking green spiders, and 1 huge tomato hornworm. I also have a animal who sems to enjoy the taste of almost ripe tomatoes and would eat only half of each tomato it saw. The sun wasn't a huge factor in the death of the tomato besides some yellowing leaves and brown spotting. (Tomatoes were burbank red, martian giants, and red romas)
The beans did not take well to the florida heat and full sun, leaves spotted brown and yellow, bean pods were small with large beans and a tough flavor ( beans were tenderpick, and kentuky wonder pole).
Eggplant is green with it fuzzy leathery leaves but is not producing at all (florida market variety),
sweet peppers broke in the last heavy rain, hot peppers (serrano, long thin cayanne, and jalopeno) all seem to be doing well and are producing,
okra is huge standing about 2 feet tall and is producing like crazy,
cucumbers have completly died back and the trellis is now covered with its brown remains (straight 8) after giving us only 1 cucumber.

Well that's my sad story of my garden disasters in june so its back to the drawing board to figure out augusts / septembers garden plans and types of seeds to get

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  1. Aw honey i am sorry! It sucks to pour your heart and soul into things to watch them die away :( At least you have a good attitude about it, and are willing to start over!