Saturday, June 26, 2010

My books reviews

Well as everyone knows there are tons of books on gardening may it be flowers, fruits, or veggies everyone has something to write about.

Well here's my review of the books I have had the pleasure or not of reading. (This list will be updated anytime I get my dirt covered hands on a new book)

- The backyard homestead: a good book with a look on things like how to make the most of the land you have, small sections on storing veggies, and fruits. Also has a section on raising animals which really brought my mood down as I would love to raise chickens but my city forbids farm animals in urban settings. Has a really small section on types of vegies and how to grow and harvest them I wish this section was a little bigger with more detail. This book also has sections on wine making, beer making, wheat growing, cheese making, and other useful stuff it you have the tools or money to spend on needed tools. This is a decent book for home sustainablity but has many sections I (being a urban mom on a budget) don't find useful. --- B-

- The vegetables gardeners bible: A fantastic book and really has become my bible and go to. there are all sorts of hints stashed in this book. I found the deep digger wide rows theory useful and now I use it instead of the oldschool rows. It teachs you how you can get double or triple the veggies out of the same amount or space. Thick very useful book and a must for anyone. --- A

- Carrots love tomatoes: great book for organic growers trying the compaion planting as a way to help with pests and diseases. Has almost every plant you could want what to grow it by and what not to grow it by. Some veggies don't like others and some love others. But as it seems no veggie likes fennel. Get this book for a fun learning experince and a new look at organic planting. --- B+

- You grow girl: a fun look at growing everything in anyplace you can stick soil and a plant. Great book for turning trash to treasure making your own gardening projects and learning to love gardening. Also has recipes for fun garden gifts like herbal hand rubs shampoos and lotions. Great fun book that you can just sit down and read without getting bored. --- A-

- Gardening in small spaces: interesting book but is mostly about flowers,trees, and shrubs. Has many types of gardens and how to achieve them. Not much to say about this book. Great learning book but don't spend your money on it unless you are a flower grower or want a lush backyard space without much kitchen use. --- C

- The ediable landscape: a great story book which follows families who decide to convert their front lawn into a ediable landscape. Very interesting 1 or 2 time read. Not useful if your looking for a fact or information book. Does cause you to think about why we think we need green grassed yards with flowers, instead of pathways leading through a front yard or herbs and veggies. Rent this book at the library or ask a friend to let you borrow it, its a good read. --- C

The all new illustrated guide to gardening: great picture books if you live in a cold area and all that's outside in snow. But that midwinter crave for green veggie, and bright flower pictures is all its worth. Don't get me wrong its a huge book that has sections on lots of flowers, trees, shrubs and even some fruits and veggies but their is nothing their that hasn't been printed before. Has a small section towards the back that has plant proplems like wilt or bug infestations but pictures are drawn and therefore harder to tell if that's what's happening in your garden. Seems more dedicated towards non useful plants such as flowers and grass then veggies and fruits. A good flip through book but don't waste your money --- D-

The new self sufficent gardener: a good look at storing fruits and veggies types of plants and how to raise them / harvest them. The books pictures are drawn and only a few in color. Seems to go very organized not like the out of control plants that seem to grow every garden season. A good basc book but nothing amazing. Wouldn't be a bad book to add to a collection and I would prob read again. As it does have some good advice and pointers for a garden. Seems like they made their whole yard a veggie fruit patch which I would love to do but with a child that's near impossiable as she needs room to run around and get out her mounds of energy. --- B

The art of south florida gardening: do not buy this book!!! Ok now that I'm done with that this book is plain and does not hold attention at all. Boring and bland this book is best suited shredded and for the compost pile. I was hoping for a book that would help us understand weather patterns best times of the year to plant, best varieties of plants for the heat of florida but nothing like that. This book focas is on trees (palm trees) and grasses and even some flowers. If it was for this book we would allvhave boring typical grass and tree lots. --- F

A slice of organic life: I had high hopes for this book but it did not live up to what I was expecting. Its pretty much a coffee table book filled with ideas that have no detail and sometimes just plain bad advice. For example canning it does not really talk about making sure everything is sterile, the author says instead of flying to take a cruise/ and makes raising animals seem like its no big deal and is easy as pie. I really wish this book was expanded on maybe follow thoughts through do some reasearch on the topics mentioned, something. Well this has been very disapointing for me the only nice thing about this book is its recipes and colorful pictures. I will not be buying this book unless it has major work done on it for a updated version. --- D+

To be continued.....


  1. I want to buy You Grow Girl now!

  2. Hi Brittany - Great Blog (I found it on Craigslist)! I highly recommend Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver - it's part social commentary, part gardening how-to, part autobiogarphy. It is WONDERFUL for any family trying to raise their own food.

  3. You know I think my mom mentioned that book as well!!! Seems like I'm going to have to check it out!!! Thank you!