Sunday, July 18, 2010

A florida summer salad??

Well as most florida veggie growers know its near I'm possiable to get lettuce or spinich to grow this time of year as the heat makes the crops bolt and turn bitter.

Well as I have been sitting the past few months dreaming of the colder season where I could once again harvest beautiful colors of lettuce from pink to dark green I started thinking there must be a better way...

Well guess what my friends? There is.. in my newest catalog arrived at my doorstep and I poured the the pages of same old same old heirloom veggies I'm stopped as I see heat loving summertime greens. Could this be real could I really have my wonderful salads all year long?

Well its not lettuce but salad greens none the less

- egyptian spinich (molokheiya): used as fresh leaves in summer salads, or as cooked greens

- malabar spinich: an asain vegetable, dark green leaves on a vine, used fresh in salads or as a cooked green

- purslane: (warning some speices invasive plant in contained area) a crunchy lemon flavored green best used fresh in summer salads but in many countries used as a cooked green and in soups. Pulls salts out of soil.

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