Saturday, July 24, 2010


remember my friends to freecycle.. its all about keeping things others can use out of the landfills.. look for your local group on yahoo. tampa bay area heres yours..


  1. I feel bad that I did not find your blog earlier in the season. My sister and I live on 5 acres, and we are just starting to learn to do vegetable gardening. Since our soil seems all sand and weeds, we went with containers. We are learning as we go, trying things in small amouns at first. You mentioned that there is nothing to grow in July. Not quite true. Have you tried grown the asparagus beans (or yard long beans, as they are sometimes called). The LOVE hot weather like this, and I'm bringing them in like crazy. No bug problems at all. No diseases. Just perfect, loooooooong beans. I only have a few pots of them growing, and I'm eating some, and freezing at least 2 quart bags a day. The leaves and flowers are edible, too. And your chickens will love the leaves (and any bean treats you give them) when the plants are done.

    I'm trying to plan out what I want to plant in the fall and when. There is a great book called Vegetable Gardening in Florida. Its been a great help.

    I'll be back often to catch up with you!

  2. Cora I'm happy you have found my blog! As for your soil mine is the same sandy florida soil. Have you tried amending it? Use the raised bed system and build up your soil. Double dig your bed add lots of compost peat moss kelp feritilizer good quality top soil and mix till you have built it up about 6 inches. This is what I am curently doing to build mine up!!! Look forward to hearing from you in the future : )