Friday, July 30, 2010

natural cleaners...

Filtered or Distilled Water – the minerals in tap water can build up over time depositing lime and calcium to surfaces, so I recommend using filtered or distilled water in all you cleaning solutions!

Baking Soda – Non abrasive Cleanser, Odor Remover, Laundry Booster, Drain Cleaner, and Water softener.

Borax – Laundry Booster, Grease Remover, Hand Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner, Disinfectant, Cleans painted or papered walls.

Castile Soap – Cleans without leaving a soapy buildup. Use anywhere you would use soap. Makes great shampoo’s and body washes. Gentle enough for baby. Can be used to clean baby’s cloths too.

Club Soda – Spot remover, especially for red wine. The carbonized liquid simply lifts stains out.

Corn Starch – Removes oily or greasy spots from clothing or carpets. Cleans windows. Polishes furniture. Spray Starch, Gentle Cleanser, Deodorizer.

Distilled White Vinegar – All purpose cleaner, for kitchen, bath, windows, carpeting and hardwood floors. Add to laundry to sweeten musty clothing. Clean drains and leave them smelling fresh. Grease remover. Deodorizer. Note* apple cider vinegar works equally as well, but can stain.

Hair Spray – Removes Ink stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Disinfectant. Mold and mildew cleaner. Bathroom and Kitchen cleaner.

Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol – Disinfectant. Cleans windows, mirrors, TV or monitor screens and eyeglasses to a streak-free shine.

Kosher Salt – The abrasive action of kosher salt, is excellent for scrubbing tough stuck on grime. Add to baking soda to make a great scouring powder. Mix into a paste with lemon juice, put on stained white clothing and allow to dry in the direct sun, clothes come out sparkling white and stain free.

Lemons or Lemon Juice – Stain Remover, including sweat. Glass Cleaner. Polish brass and copper. Make drains sweet smelling. The oil from the rind is an effective furniture polish/oil. Great all purpose cleaner for kitchen and bath. And will lighten hair naturally with a little sunshine.

Washing Soda – All purpose general cleaner, Grease Cutter, removes stains, works in bath and kitchen. Great for removing bath tub ring. Removes odors.

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