Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reuse recycle

Have old silverware laying around? Turn it into a neat looking windchime.

Old mason jars? Add some pretty rocks to the bottom 2 inchs fill with soil and plant a flower.

Old cds? Get your aggresion out and break them into small pieces and glue to a old piece of wood in a cool design

Old furniture? Give it an updated look with some paint!

Old newspaper clippings? Frame and turn into a funky piece of art.

Pantyhose with runs? Turn into plant ties or melon helper (slip melon or pumpkin into foot part and tie to fence/ trellis for that need support

Old mismatched plates? Dig into the ground and make a funky edging for your garden!!

Anything else you just really wanna throw away? Don't! First offer it on a site like freecycle or criagslist. Odds are someone wants it!!

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