Wednesday, July 7, 2010

seed exchange

Wow what a great rain spell that has swept over the tampa bay area this week. : ) it makes me excited about going and working in the garden to prepare it for the coming growing season.

Speaking of the coming growing season (this will be your fall season garden which here in zone 9 is a mix of warm and long season cold weather crops) I am planning my first seed exchange and already have some people interested!

This is an exchange of seeds / plants/ and any other gardening items you care to exchange (organic fertilizers, garden crafts/ anything garden related.

I am looking to have a variety of veggies/ fruits/ and flowers.

What to bring:

- Please package seeds that you wish to trade into small packs of 20 or less seeds and have the package labeled with how many seeds are in there. (This is because when you buy a seed packet you get anywhere from 15-300 seeds and usually way more then anyone needs for a growing season) its also nice to include planting depth and if the item wants full sun/partial sun/ shade etc

- please have plants to trade in a pot or container that you don't want back (they will be taking the whole thing home so don't plant a tradable seedling inside your great great great grandmothers favorite pot.

- crafts or anything else you wish to trade please be fair about you can ask for multiple seeds /plants or whatever for your craft but remeber this is an exchange

- a blanket or table for your items and if you don't feel like sitting on your blanket a chair

- and most of all bring your storys ideas questions and knowledge. There will be begginers to experinced gardeners so share what you know

This will take place September 4th at Noon till 3. I will update with location.


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  1. Wow honey! I want to participate! What can I bring and where is it?