Thursday, July 1, 2010

What to do in the garden in july..

Well here in zone 9 our seasons are switched with those of most other zones. In the nothern zones their gardens are just starting to produce and become lush.
well this is our no planting time.
With the heat and intense sun the only limited veggies will grow beans like the yard long and winged bean will grow, as well as some summer greens for a summer salad, hot peppers, okra, and some others will grow but its still to hot for most plants.

But Now is a good time (if you can stand the heat) to work the yard.
Prepare your soil for the august/september growing season.
- Add compost to garden beds and mix well. This is in addition to the top compost you put around planted veggies during growing season.
- Mix in peat moss and good quality top soil to build your beds up.
- Make new beds because they say you need 150-200 sq ft of veggie space per member of the household to be self sufficent.
- if making a new bed in florida and have a known nemotoad problem creat your bed and cover with a big black tarp. And let sit for 6 weeks. The heat from the summer sun will kill most anything in that soil, leaving you with healthy nemotoad free soil or almost free soil.
- since most veggies and fruit like loose fertile soil and we here in florida we have compact sandy soil we really need a lot of prep. From creating a at least 6 inch raised bed using anything (I use non treated wood planks). Dig current soil and remove all grass and weeds from the area and dig the soil down at least another 6 inchs preferably a ft.
- add a mix of peat moss/ top soil/ and compost to make a black fertile top layer you want to build this mix up to the top of the 6 inch wood.

July is also a good time to re sod or grass seed your lawn as we are now in the rainy season. Use flroida freindly grass like bermuda and st augstine.

In july watch for pests and diseases that the rainy weather tends to bring. Try to keep plants leaves out of the water to help with cases of powdery mildew.

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