Saturday, August 14, 2010

Attack on the seed packets..

Any gardener who starts their fruits, veggies, or even flowers from seeds knows that the amount of seed packets can be overwhelming.

I have probably around 70 seed packets and when i want to find a certain seed that's just a lot to look through.

I have heard many people sort them by alphabet in little recipe containers. that didnt work for me still to much flipping.

Instead I purchased those trading card slips that fit in a binder from ebay i think it was $1.50 with free shipping. (Maybe your kid has them left over from a football card collection?) I purchased a pretty colored binder (bright pink) and placed the trading card pages in. I have my warm season crop seeds in the front, the cold season in the middle and the herbs and flowers in the back. This keeps the seeds packs in a safe dry spot, lets you see the pictures on the front of most seeds packets as well as the name, and takes up very little space. i have my binder on my bookshelf next to my ever growing stack of gardening books. Above is my binder of seeds (TOP PICTURE!!!)

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  1. Love that idea...I'll definitely be switching my "unfiling" method