Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Attempt to cut the electric bill

My last bill this summer was $320.. what!?!? I don't even know how that happened. So here's my attempt to cut down the bill!!! The person who lived here before had the carport built into an extra room there for there is no central air in that room. Not only that but it leads to a non insulated laundry room with no door in between. The extra room has a fireplace so a great room for the winter but less for the summer. It does have a ceiling fan and is the only room to have one. In the doorway that leads to the laundry room I have hung a heavy long curtain panel that reaches almost to the floor. I set the air to 84 and only turn it on at night before bed. I have at least 1 fan in every room. We make sure that all lights and electronics are off anytime we leave the house. I am going to invest in a couple oil lamps to use when you just need a low light (I found great charming rustic ones that mount on the wall). Also I found a small compact am/fm weather radio that has a hand crank and solor power instead of using electric or batteries. This will be great for kitchen radio and to take to the back porch and out to the garden. I'm also scavenging old thrift stores and antique shops for hand cranked items like juicers, coffee grinders, mills, sauce makers, and other cool hand cranked items. Because for the small amount of time it takes to use a hand cranked item you have a better taste a better product and you have the power that is the power goes out or the world comes crashing down around you. You can go on cranking!!!

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