Sunday, August 1, 2010

bread making.

Armed with a simple but knowledge packed 32 page book on basic bread making I set off for my first bread making adventure. Its simply called "basic bread baking" by glenn andrews. Its by my favorite publication company storey.

So I heated up my stove and slowly simmered milk sugar salt and butter till melted and warm. Then I proofed the yeast. I added the milk mixture to the now proofed yeast. Stirring. I Added 1 cup of flour and mix real well. Then add another repeat. (It takes 6 cups of flour (I use unbleached)).
I knead and knead and knead then let rise. It seems like that part (the rising) took forever (more like a hour : D) then i punched it back down rolled it out formed it into loaves and let rise again this time in the cast iron bread pan. While it was rising for time #2
I preheated the oven and noticed it took about half the time to rise the 2nd go around! : D I threw the loaves (I made 2) into the oven and seemingly watched the minutes tick by.

A bad smell filling my house reminding me that I keep forgetting to clean the stove.

After 40 minutes their ready I take them out of the oven and realize holy cow poop they are rock hard.
Gritting my teeth and cursing under my breath I wonder what I did wrong.
It easily slide out the loaf (this is why I'm loving cast iron)
I butter it and let cool. Even though they are rock hard I figure I can chisel it open and see the inside. After all this was my first time and I was curious as to what the inside looked like.
Well as its cooling on the kitchen counter and Google "rock hard bread" not finding any answers I go back to my trusty book. What could I have done wrong? Maybe the yeast was bad? Maybe I used bad flour? to much flour? *sigh*
After 45min I'm cooking up my homemade noodles and pesto and baking my garden herb flavored chicken I decide to cut into my bread....

Its perfect!!!! As it cooled the rock hard bread was no longer rock hard. A wonderful buttery crisp crust with a white fluffy warm inside. I cut slices and added it to my homemade dinner. All I can say it yummmmm

And it went great with the meal and to wash it all down garden herbal tea!! Sweetened with local honey!

What a great adventure!!


  1. There's something about bread making! I feel connected to ancestors and pioneers, and all the strong women who came before me.

    Not to mention the yum factor! Congrats!

  2. Yes thank you daisy I'm so glad that it turned out so wonderful! If you have any recipes to share I would love to hear about them. And I agree about the many generations of strong women! : )

    P.S - welcome to my blog