Friday, August 13, 2010

a chicken coop and brooder box... (updated aug 14th)

After collecting my scraps like discarded pallets, an old aquarium, old reptile warming light, unwanted newspapers.
I have the start to my coop.
I bought long strong nails and screws to hold the pallets together (walls, floor, roof) but all they did was split the wood. It was time to be creative. I came inside and bam it hit me. I collected all the dead extension cords, scraps of cable wire bright house left behind and some wire pieces.
I went back outside and lashed all the sides together in tight knots. I'm still short about 2 pieces but I have a very sound structure!. The front of the coop is open because I plan to have a hinged door but have not figured out what the use yet.
I still need to scavenge a single nesting box and a wood rod for a roost.

~~As of august 14th I have added a front hinged door to my coop. Making my total spent on the coop $9.92.
Also I have a roofing dilemma. I had planned on scavenging metal for the roof but after reading how that can really heat up the hen house I'm trying to think of another plan... then I thought "why waste the 4x4 space" it then clicked I will scavenge old pot and deep containers lined with gravel and shells for drainage (about a inch deep) then top that with soil and plant probably herbs like thyme and other low growing herbs. This is not only reduce heat in the coop and keep the chickens dry... it will also provide me with much needed gardening space!~~

My brooder box is a old aquarium lined in newspaper with a 250 red heat lamp bulb suspended above it from a hook in the ceiling. A small thermometer will be placed on the side of the coop a inch above the bottom facing outward so I can watch the temp. (Should be at around 98 degrees) ...Each baby chick will need at least 6 inch of space for each bird. I plan to have 3.


  1. wish you had pictures!
    Sounds like you are very creative.

  2. today i updated this post and added pictures! thanks for the request Elizabeth!