Friday, August 6, 2010

even more reason to get a little dirty

In honor of the 2010 flu season I'm writing this stay healthy article...

When we hear about some new danger (last year it was the swine flu) we all run for cover pull out that hand sanitizer and scrub ourselves to prevent from getting sick, some people even refusing to go out and do things like enjoy a family dinner night out, or going on the long planned camping trip.

Well next time don't. Experts are proving its actually beneficial to go out and get a little dirty.
As exposure to germs will mature and strengthen your immune system.

Also hand sanatizer (states right on the bottle kills 99% of germs) but they don't tell you a lot of those germs its killing are helpful germs that can leave you in worse shape then if you had left the bad ones alone.

Experts are even saying that living in a ultra clean house can make the immune system attack things like animal dander, ragweed pollen, and even your own cells, leading to chronic inflammation.

And that children who grow up having fun playing in dirt, being around barn animals, and attending day care have a decreased rate of getting asthma, hay fever, eczema..
While vaccinations have helped lower the death rate of infections, and other sicknesses.

So go out and have a little fun getting dirty or enjoy a nice night out we all love to do it!

Pieces from the mother earth news article Germ hypothesis.

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