Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The evils of peat pots..

Well let me just say that this is now the firm belief of myself and my mom!

Peat pots were great a fine invention for the gardener. Start seeds in peat that allow the whole pot to be planted after it reached its desired seedling stage. Great concept bad product.

My mom purchased the more expensive cow pots (yes made from cow poop) while I bought the least expensive peat pots. Generally the same item... I thought great because there are those picky plants that don't like to be transplanted etc.
So I spend my hard earned money, plant my seeds and watch. Great results.. seeds sprouted, and grew into fine young seedlings. I wait till the perfect time and plant outside.

Well if you read my early blog about garden fails you know my early spring summer crop sucked something awful. I blamed the quick changing weather this year but know after talking with other gardeners believe this might have been some of the problem.

The plants grew but never produced only half the size of last years plants before dying
Well as I'm pulling up the long dead plants I notice the pot that should have dissolved into the ground was still fully intact more or less and the roots could not get out. Maybe 1 or 2 large roots pushed through put unwrapping the pot was a cluster of the small roots. All tangled together as it had made an attempt to bust out only not being able to.

I will never again use a peat pot for veggies or fruits and I'm using the last of mine (I waste nothing) to start flowers.

In my old school plastic cups with hole in the bottom I have started about 8 different seeds tonight.

Thank you for letting me rant, and hopefully nobody else will waste their hard earned cash on this monster of a plant binder : )

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