Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fall herb planting!

Here is some great herbs to start this fall!!! I know ill be starting almost all of these!

Thyme is a perennial herb. In Florida, start the plants from seeds sown one-fourth inch deep in the fall or early spring, or even in winter in south Florida.

Sage hardy perennial herb. Sage may be started in the fall through spring using seeds or cuttings.

Anise is a annual plant grown for its seeds. Start plants by seeding in the spring or fall or grow in the winter in south Florida. Cover seeds one-fourth inch deep; thin seedlings to leave 2 to 3 plants per foot.

Rosemary half-hardy perennial evergreen. Rosemary is better started from cuttings than from seeds.

Parsley is a annual that grows well in Florida gardens. Parsley is a cool-season vegetable, best planted in late fall or winter. Seeds should be sown one-fourth inch deep, fairly thickly; then seedlings thinned to 6 inches apart.

The mints are some of the most easy-to-grow perennial herbs for Florida gardens. Mint should be started in moist soil, using surface or underground runners as sprigs for new plants. Grow in shade or sun.

Basil is a annual that grows well in Florida and is attractive as a potted plant. Plant seeds of this annual one-fourth inch deep. Plant in the early spring or fall.

Garlic is similar to that for onions. Suggested planting dates are October through January. Garlic is propagated by division of cloves and planting each as a set.

Fennel: Sow seeds one-half inch deep in the fall or early winter; space plants 12 inches apart in rows three feet apart.

Dill is also another annual that grows well in Florida, Seeds should be sown one-fourth inch deep; then seedlings thinned to 12 inches apart. November through December is the best planting time.

Chervil is an annual plant, sow seeds one-fourth inch deep in the spring or fall; thin to stand 3 inches apart in the row.

Borage is yet another annual that grows well in Florida, plant in the spring or fall, seeds of this annual should be planted thickly one-fourth inch deep, and seedlings thinned to 6-12 inches apart. The plant has a cucumber-like odor and flavor.

happy herbal adventures!


  1. Hi fellow Floridian,
    I am going to unwrap my square foot garden kits and start planning the gardens!! I am very excited.
    Peace and RAW Health,

  2. Hello from Tampa,
    I've been growing my herbs since april. Have basils(about 4)types,sage, oregano(2 types),rosemary, thyme, savory. The marjoram bit the dust , too hot. I've found that some basils love the sun, spicy globe,colinum,cinnamon, while others loathe it, thai, large leaf.


  3. Thanks Erika! i have my perennial herb garden with rosemary, sage, lemon balm, marjoram still growing. Getting ready to start some more now!! My basil started flowering so i cut down and hung to dry!