Friday, August 6, 2010

fast raised bed building

Today my boyfriend and I built a 4 x 8 bed in roughly 3 hours. This was with breaks and running after an active 2 year old. A finished bed not only looks great but will provide a wonderful house for your veggies, fruits and even flowers. i plan to plant My carrots, turnips, tomatoes, onions and chard in this bed. If you use the square foot gardening you can double even triple the amount of used garden space then traditional row planting.

Here i will put the fastest steps to build your own raised bed:

First stop home depot: where if you don't already have scavanged or prevously bought wood you need to hit the lumber section. Look for non treated lumber if building a veggie bed or any bed you may eat out of. Using the landscape timbers or scavanged wood from items like pallets are your best bet.

Next make sure you have the proper nails or screws at least doubly long as your wood is thick.

Final is get your soil. A lot of people can provide this free as well as compost and mulch. But if you must buy your soil. Make sure to amend even this soil with rich compost and vitamins (kelp is great multivitamin for your veggie beds)

Get home and unload. Place your building items right near where your going to build your bed.

Lay out your bed (this can be in any shape or size you want but remember they say not to make your beds over 4 ft wide unless you are going to have a walkway. this makes harvesting easier)
Outline your wood on the outside not inside remove wood and proceed to dig out your grass.

I have never rototilled my property. I hand dig out the grass and weeds. Using a sharp shovel or spade I dig about 3 inchs under the soil to remove grass but as little dirt as possiable.
Once all grass is removed use a pitch fork or any other tool with prongs to dig into the soil at least 6 inchs and loosen all soil.
Add you wood layout back and nail or screw boards in place

Add your compost then soil and mix sprinkle with your vitamin fertilizer. Please for yourself and our earth use only organic methods.
Fill your new bed to the top rim of the new bed as it will settle about 2 or 3 inchs over the next week.