Thursday, August 26, 2010

The glory of old things...

,I go on many adventures to thrift stores and antique shops.

Many people think that stuff is junk and a lot of it is but its the treasures you find that make the junk digging worth it.
I go to these stores for everything from clothing to fans.
I have found great clothing from name brands and high end chains like chicos, black and white, and macys.
I try to shop on days with sales on the items you want. I went to one thrift store and ladies items were .50 cents no matter what it was. Your darn tooting I stocked up and spent I think 7$. It was great!

I've also shopped for kitchen items at these places. I've got silveware that seems to magically dissaper everytime
My daughter "helps" clean off the table to a metal flour sifter I use in my baking!

Then one day I went to another thrift store a last week and found my pride. My junk searching gem!
A old working 50's westinghouse fan. It was shoved in the back of the top shelf behind old cracked lamp bases. It was next to some plastic fans but I was drawn in. It was heavy which I need with a young child and a cat. It also had more charm then any of these new sparkling plasic fans you see in the store. I had to have it! I took it to the counter and low and behold they were having a 50% off sale. So I paid 7$ for that fan and left happy as a dog going on a car ride. I came home and plugged it in as soon as I found a open outlet! It worked wonderfuly and that tiny fan puts out more cold air then my large fans! I am now on the lookout for old westinghouses!

I mean how great is it to know not many people have the treasures in and around your house... its not something you can pick up at any store its something you searched for and that makes it special all in itself.

I'm a firm believer knowing that the old "junk" was made hundreds of times better then the stuff sold in the stores.
So next time you need a fan or even something simple like a new set of cups. Check out your local thrift and antique shops because you never know when you will find a treasure!

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