Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My first real chapter..

I don't mean a chapter in a book. Well I guess in a way I do. The book known as life. We are all writting one everyday as we take of new trials learn new things and discover what a vast world that lays out there. My book up till 2 years ago was a mis match of paths taken in all sorts directions with no solid purpose in life. Such is life for someone so young. I had my child when I was 18 and at that point found a direction in which I wanted to head. I became a pharmacy tech for walgreens. And recently have become certified by passing the PTCE. I rely fully on my wish and need to feed my family real organic food without spending a arm and leg. I also wish my daughter to know where her food comes from and the amazing adventures and sad losses that come along with it. In a attempt to go "back to the basics" I will be preserving much of my own food, raising my own chickens for eggs and meat, growing most of my own fruits and veggies, using less electric, less water, and in return hoping for a happier calmer more rewarding life. I thank you all for following my blog already. And glad I can share my trails and errors in hopes of someone else learning from them!

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