Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sweetwater organic farm

Today was the Sweetwater organic farm open house.
I was a little disappointed.
The owner talked about tomatoes and said how he doesn't like to grow them because they are to hard to grow??
And that strawberries and most other fruits were to hard to grow?
Is that right?
I mean besides last season I've had good luck with tomatoes. and last year i had a great turnout of strawberries that my daughter promptly picked and ate right off the plant. i did enjoy the herb garden that they recycled old tubs and used them to plant the tall herbs in. (i will prob use this in my design) but overall a little disappointed in the experience.
The entrance was great lush landscaping and a stage for their Sunday markets and so on. I will be attending their Sunday markets starting in November and every Sunday from 12am-4pm through may.
Hopefully i get better vibes off them at that time.

Also a thank you to Rollin' Oats that sponsored the tour and gave out organic lemonade and healthy snacks.

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