Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adventures in knitting!

Today I started my adventure into knitting! My mom and grandma both knit and love it so after a little basic training from my mom I had learned to cast on (start), do a basic knit, and bind off (end)! Sounded easy!

I cast on my size 9 knitting needles (who knew there were so many sizes) with a beautiful multi-colored yarn!
I started with 20 knits... and after a couple rows I had gotten the hang of it with only 1 or 2 mess ups!
Come 15 rows late I help up the starting of my winter scarf!..... it seemed to get thinner... so I counted.... well sure enough my 20 knits turned into 17. Not a huge difference but enough to be a little upsetting...
Oh well it is still very pretty and will be a very nice scarf.
I now have about 1/5 of the scarf complete and I think its coming along nicely!!

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