Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ah september...

As I start to prepare for fall and winter by things like stocking up on fireplace wood, getting up heavy curtains, and pulling out dusty container filled with long sleeve shirts and jackets, I'm also working on the garden aspect. I have started seeds for everything from tomatoes to bok choi.. I will be direct seeding my lettuce, carrots, and turnips sometime in the middle of the month.

This weekend is the first garden exchange which consists of people I have come to know getting together to trade plants, flowers, divisions, seeds, and crafts. I'm very excited and hope to have a good turn out of both buyers, traders, and sellers!

Also I'm planning to start my dream backyard. About 5/8ths of my backyard will be torn up and turned into garden space for veggies, fruits, and probley some flowers as a pretty touch! I'm going to line my ugly chain link fence in bamboo that will both give me some privacy and act as a fence for the chickens (my link fence is 4 ft high, the bamboo makes that 6 ft high)

September I think will be an exciting month for my with new gardens to plants, new recipes to try, and a dream backyard to work on creating!

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