Saturday, September 4, 2010

The garden exchange was awesome!

Today was the first of many garden exchanges! : ) it was great.

A couple months ago I came up with a idea... cookie swaps, clothing swaps.. why not garden swaps???
So I put a ad up on craigslist just introducing the idea to see if their was any even interested in that type of thing...
Well turns out there was!!
After a couple months of back and forth emails between some wonderful ladies we arranged to have a garden swap and sale hosted at one of the participants house.

It was a fantastic experience! I met all sorts of wonderful people and even sold some seedlings in the process!
I got some gingers, a cactus pear plant, lemon grass, a Meyer lemon(the picture above), cats whiskers, lime basil, and even a couple different seeds!

It was great and I hope to host the next one at my place a couple months down the road!
Thank you to those that came out it was lots of fun! Next time I will plan ahead better and have more seedlings that are farther along in their stage!

I already planted most of my plants and will post some pictures on here tomorrow!

Happy gardening adventures!

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