Friday, September 3, 2010

recycle your plastic pop bottles!

We all do it....
We go out somewhere get thirsty and grab a plastic bottle filled with soda, juice, or water. Then we find a garbage can, or car floor, or recycling bin and toss it.
Well when I say recycle your bottles I don't mean in the blue bin. I'm talking about much better uses!

1. Starter pots

Cut off the top with the screw lid poke 4 holes in the bottom with a thick nail, fill with dirt plant your favorite seed and enjoy a small starter pot growing your favorite flower or veggie!

2. Seedling Warmer

Cut off the bottom of the bottle (can be any size from a 20 oz to a 2 liter) place over any seedling to make a small greenhouse warmer. Screw on cap to hold in heat for longer and unscrew to cool down!

3. Self waterer

Cut out a hole in the bottom of the bottle, poke many small holes in the cap. Screw the cap back on turn over and stick cap and neck into the dirt next to the plant fill with water and let it slowly self water your plant. Depending on the size bottle you will refills every couple days or weeks. The first time just keep a eye on it tell you learn how long a full bottle lasts!

What else do you use your plastic bottles for? Leave your wonderful ideas in the comments!

Happy recycling adventures!

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