Sunday, September 26, 2010

This coming week at my house...

Ah the fall plans I have.. my goal is to have my backyard paradise completed and ready to fully enjoy by the end of January 2011. This includes making 2 more veggie garden beds, as well as a yacon bed, jimaca bed, artichoke bed, asparagus bed, and pineapple bed. as well as planting a couple new fruiting trees including bananas and papayas!!!
I also need to find a way to cover my chain link fence in a cheap but somewhat attractive way!

Anyway enough about the distant future and more about this weeks future. It is Sunday today and my plans for the work week are about to be set in motion. I will be digging out my new fire pit area, weeding the old garden beds for planting, adding compost and planting seedlings and direct seeding!

BUT most importantly this is the week I get my chickens. I will be getting Wyandottes and maybe a Ameraucana ( Easter Egger). This should give me and my family an assortment of blue-green and brown eggs. I have their brooder box all set up and ready to house the chicks. Thursday is my day!... so until then I am on countdown!

Also I am seeing my first batch on yard long beans right now about a ft long. I hear they are more tender younger so tomorrow morning I will go and harvest the first batch (maybe 10 beans).. I also have about a foot tall corn now and more seedlings popping out of the ground.

This is the season of wonderful plantings in Florida and over the next week I will take advantage of it!

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  1. Wow how cool that you will be raising chickens! Your gardens sound wonderful. Kiwi fruit and lilikoi (passion fruit) vines will cover a chain link fence. Yard long beans - we call them Chinese Long Beans are really good - they grow well here too except in the summer. They're so tender when they're smaller and I use them a lot in Thai cuisine.