Monday, October 18, 2010

40 hour work weeks...

Yes what a drag but a must for my young family.
As a 20 year old I believe I have found my calling in life.. to become a sustainable farmer and live happily and peacefully with and among nature.
Being in tune wth my surroundings and raising my daughter with morals and love.

But alas this dream job is in the distant future.. right now I like most americans work a 40 hour Mon-Fri job.
I have been called a rip off artist, a pill pusher, and simply a @$$hole. And its not even because I have done something wrong it is your insurance compaines. I am a pharmacy tech which means I take in your prescriptions, fill your medication, check to make sure your insurance is correct and most times call to resolve a issue and then sell your prescription to you. Yes it is a busy on your feet 8 hours a day type job but when I come home and see my family, my chickens, my garden, and taste the food I grew I feel pure joy. My day is behind me and now I have a couple hours to enjoy the finer more simple things life has to offer me.
And yes someday I might have my 3 bedroom cottage on a hill surrounded by 5 acres of farm and animals but for now its a dream to look forward and work hard to.

So my friends enjoy what you have and relize no matter how tough life is or what kind of lemons life throws at you you will get through it and become stronger and maybe even make lemonade from those lemons!

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