Monday, October 25, 2010

and with every death comes life...

Rather then explain to my daughter what happened as she asks mommy and daddy where the chickens are I resorted to the easy but painful to me idea... we got 3 new chickens.

Currently without names I have a americuana, silver wyandotte, and jersey giant

I still am breaking down into tears but I want to replace those bad chicken thoughts with wonderful memories and new chicken life...

They are 4 days old and little fluff balls. I dread that I could go through this again but my daughter already loves them..


I cleaned out the brooder and got it ready for the new ones.. I also cleaned out the coop with tears streaming down my face as I found feathers left over from such a horrible death..

I am wrapping both the inside and outside top and bottom with 1/2 inch chicken wire. The door was lattice so I wrapped chicken wire around that and will be wrapping old bamboo type blinds around it as well..

These new cuties will go in steps from the inside small heated brooder to a porch large brooder and finally at 6-8 weeks will go to the newly renovated outdoor coop. Instead of my tie latch now I'm thinking of getting a actual latch lock.

I will be better prepared.. I will not let this happen again...

I am motivated.. powered by the mothering love I had for those little birds.

At 4 weeks old their life was cut short but they have taught me a valueable lesson never think your the exception..

Thank you to my wonderful husband for putting up with my chicken love cause I know its so soon to get new but my daughter is happy and I still can hear that happy content peeping that I have come to love..


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