Sunday, October 17, 2010

Around the house this weekend of Oct 15th

This weekend was fulfilling to me.

I cleaned out the kitchen.. i got rid of damaged pots, pans, and utensils.
I organized cupboards and stored the rarely used Christmas and holiday dishware on the top shelf and lowered the daily used items. I cleaned out the pantry to make sure there was no expired foods.

I also drug from behind the shed 2 parts of a wooden gate that used to shield our side of the house ( it will be going back up )..

I got the feeder hooked up in the coop for there soon to be life outside (only need the layer box, and straw.

Also I planted... bok choi, 2 types of spinach (giant noble and bloomsdale), 2 tomatillo plants, 3 tomato plants, some basil seeds, carrots, turnips, pole dry beans, and short day onions. As well as noticing 5 or 6 winter squash on my monster vine and now 2 silks on my corn!
Oh yes and got the compost pile really going as talked about in my last post!


  1. Oh doesnt it feel so satisfying to get your space organised. I so rarely am organised myself, just too many irons in the fire and things pile up. Today I tackled the workshop clutter, what a mess (as in what shall I do with this item? Oh just shove it in the workshop, we'll deal with it later...)Now I can actually see the floor!

  2. Your little chicks are so cute!! It will be fun to watch them grow - hopefully they will be good egg laying hens when they grow up!

  3. well thank you!! I hope they are good egg layers. i cant wait to try farm fresh eggs!!