Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Cheese Results are In...

In my previous post i told you i was testing out non rennet homemade cheese for the first time. here are the results.


#1.. I used a thrown together press. The circle part where the curds sit to do the pressing was about 2 times to big. This resulted in a thin layer of pressed curd instead of a brick. To solve before i try the second time i will be using a smaller circle area maybe with the diameter around 4 inches.

#2..The cloth i used was to tightly woven and did not allow proper draining of whey. To solve I will also be finding cloths that drain well and will be tested before pouring the curds and whey into it.

#3.. Not a strong flavor! Now don't get me wrong this had a nice but subtle flavor. To solve.. the addition of spices, herbs, maybe even some garlic?

The Goods:

#1.. I successfully made my own cheese. *pats self on back* This is a start to a wonderful adventure of many more to come.

#2.. My daughters first taste was simply put... "yummmmmmmmy mommy"

#3.. Though the hubby was scared to try it at first he ended up loving it, and added it to almost every meal he made especially salads!

#4.. It was made with store bought milk which a lot of people tell you in impossible.. I'm hear to say it is not.

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