Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Weekend!!!

Here are the Halloween goodies I am making for my family this wonderful Halloween weekend!!

Apple Bites: Quartered apples with the middles sliced out (it should look like a open mouth) stick slivered almonds into the tops and bottom of the inside (these are the teeth)
Enjoy your healthy scary bites!

Rotten Apple Punch: Take apple cider and freeze overnight in a small round dish (or cup)with 2 gummy worms sticking out over the side... on Halloween before serving take sprit or sierra mist and dump into a punch bowl... add a couple drops of green food dye. Remove frozen apple cider from bowls and drop into punch bowl.. they will float and look like rotten apples with worms... serve as it starts to melt

Ghost Meatloaf: Make meatloaf as normal but shape into a ghost or other Halloween spookable.. if made into a ghost or mummy ~ wrap in a white cheese to give a extra spooky effect!

Witch cakes: Chocolate cupcakes baked, mix cream cheese frosting with 3 drops or green food dye, spread over cooled cupcakes (skin), add a upside down waffle cone as the witch hat, chocolate shavings/sprinkles/ or chips as the witches hair, a candy corn nose and red hots as eyes.. Serve to spooky ghouls and goblins...


P.S~ About half my seedlings are up and i now have a HUGE spaghetti squash, 4 corn, and a bunch of long beans!! Also my new still not named chickens are 1 week old today (they were 4 days old when we got them)!!!


  1. What a lot of work! I hope your little trick or treaters appreciate your efforts. We are too far along our road to get any kids stopping by. I am always glad when halloween is over because the boozed up yahoo fringe always manages to burn a covered bridge somewhere in the province. Our village has two covered bridges which are guarded all night.

  2. Well at least My little one loves it all!!... no burnt bridges here just a lot of kids in costumes that scare my daughter : )