Sunday, October 17, 2010

The joys of composting..

Ah yes this weekend we set up the compost bin we got for FREE at the local garden class.

Already I am in love i think i have cut back about 50% of the items i normally toss in the trash.

Tea bags, food scraps, soiled food, freezer burned bread, grass clipping, moldy straw, chicken litter, and dead plants... this is great!

And even better is this kitchen temp compost bin. I throw my veggie and cooking scraps in this little trash bin i painted that sits on my kitchen counter. each night i go dump the contents in the bin! EASY!!!

I cannot wait to have fully finished compost to spread i think i might have to get another bin... or 2 : )

These are the simple joys of life!


  1. Try and explain this to your average young yuppie at the mall and they'll think you are from mars.Or totally crazy. I knew I had met a sister in spirit the other day as my new friend and I were going in my truck with a full load of straw bales on. We passed by a pile of a dozen big bags of leaves and both together we leaned in their direction and said "OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!
    Both of course wanting to grab them for our compost piles.

  2. Oh yes the people I work with live in apartnents or have well manicured lawns. I tell them stories of homemade cheese, fresh veggies from the garden, or my adventure in rasing chickens and my reponse is normally "why you can get these things at the store" ... they just don't understand... I scout my streets looking for bags of leaves and pine needles I'm sure the neighbors think I'm a crazy stalker person.. : )

  3. When "tshtf" you and I and others of like mind will know how to cope. The rest will starve or turn into looters. I read a novel recently that showed that kind of scenario, 'One Second After". I went right out and got some more mason jars. Highly recommended if you have any time to read!