Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Chicks are Here!

Finally after lots of planning and reading and setting up I finally have my baby chicks all set and cozy in their brooder box in out living room! : ) set up high enough from the little one and noisy cat the chickens are warm safe and peeping away.

Two things i noticed in the first 2 days!

#1.. Feather Picking
They are all the time scratching and pulling out their little tuff of feather down. Im pretty sure this is normal cause they dont seem to be in pain by it.. happily cheeping but little tuffs in their beaks.. i think its do the the fast growing they are already going through.

#2.. Runny Poo
Today i noticed runny poop on the brooder box floor. Looking up chicken poop i soon found its prob nothing to worry about as long as there are no runny noses or cloudy eyes. They still seem to be happy so i imagine its just their different kinds of poop. Here is a great website i found that is both VERY helpful and chicken poo decoding and very gross. : )


  1. Sweet chickies! I haven't had a suitable space for chicks in a long time. I miss them!

  2. This is my first time and so far its great! I love their little peeps and watching them grow