Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Urban Farm Plans (End of 2010 Start of 2011)

I have a lot of work to get my urban farm in central florida caught up with the plans in my head..
Here is a list of work I am planning to do in the next 6 months!!!

- Fence in the front yard with a open fence not meant for privacy but instead meant to keep feet from tramping my plants

- Creating my final 3 garden beds

- Planting more fruit trees and bushes. ( banana, blueberry, papaya, grape, etc)

- digging out all grass/ weeds from around and in between the garden beds and mulching

- Creating a sitting area with a type of arbor thing overhead

- Getting my hands on enough compost to help my super sandy soil

- Planting a wildflower garden which will be allowed to go crazy and be wild!!

- Starting a outside water wise container herb garden

Whew... it was a lot to just write it!!!

Its a lot of work especially when its being done in my free time (aka the weekends) but I have the will power to pull it off. I will post oftan as I cross of items on this list!!!

Many Garden Blessings and Happy Adventures ahead!!

- Brittany


  1. Organic momma you are an inspiration to all the 20 somethings sitting in front of the tv/computer and making kraft dinner for their kids supper.You remind me so much of me forty years ago.

  2. Aw thank you! though i do say i do indulge in computer and tv time with my daughter(mostly during the summer when its just way to darn hot and humid) but this time of year id rather be out having fires, planting, or working on making my urban farm dream come true!