Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now through Nov 8th hillsborough classes...

As I promised to one of my readers who emailed me I will post more events going on in the area so you don't miss a single thing...

Oct 29th - Pressure Canning Vegetables @ 130- 430 @ the extension office

Nov 2-- Veggies in the landscape @ 630 @ Austin Davis Library

Nov 4 -- Gourds in Florida @ 630 @ Town and Country Library

Nov 6 -- Pressure Canning Vegetables @ 130 - 430 @ The Extension Office

Nov 8 -- Backyard Wildlife @ 630 @ Lutz library

Nov 8 -- Compost Happens @ 7 @ Bruton Memorial Library


  1. Hey! Where do you get your seeds?

  2. Hi Stacy! My all time favorite place is Bakers Creek Heirloom seeds!!
    Not only do they offer top line heirloom non gmo seeds but with low flat rate shipping and a lot of the time will throw in a free seed pack!
    My seeds normally get to the house in about 3 days and I have never had any troubles!
    Request their 2011 seed catalog it will ship out in december so you have a hard copy of their website ready for those dirt covered hands to flip through when you relieze there is more garden then you thought to plant. : )

  3. Thanks again! You are awesome :)