Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5th Compost Happens Workshop

Our county here in Tampa FL offers diffirent gardening classes throughout the year. Tonight was the compost happens workshop/ class.

I was working overtime so I was not able to attend instead I sent my family

When I got home he was telling me about greens and browns, about watering the pile, about all the possibilites of worms and trash, and how amazing it is that trash, and waste can turn into this vitamin rich dirt like item "compost"
He was so cute about it, even though I guess our little one misbehaved.

Well not only did I have his wealth of speaking knowledge they also gave a folder full of info and handouts as well as a handful of compost happens bumber stickers, and a voucher for a FREE compost bin and compost thermometer!
What a deal for this wonderful hour long class!

The next one we will be attending is a Water Barrel class on the 26th as I have always wondered how that worked!

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