Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Squash in FL

Here in Fl the past 2 years I have tried to grow summer squash.... unsuccesfully..

I get maybe 1 or 2 squash off the half dozen plants...

The Problem?? Every time I get a squash the flower opens (I'm sure gets polinated with the tons of bees flying around), the flower closes, falls off, the squash gets a little bigger then usally within a couple days I go out to find a neatly clipped off squash laying in the soil...

Ugh... although this year I tried winter squash (vegetable spaghetti) and that's growing fine and has 1 large fruit and 1 small fruit and a bunch of tiny still flowered fruit...

The bad news no luck growing summer squash good news winter squash is doing great!
Now winter squash seems easy I started a couple seedlings (3) had a 5x4 space filled with compost planted the seedings and man did they take off... huge monster plants the went over the sides of the bed into the grass and climbed into the 2nd half of the garden where I have corn growing.. every once in a while I have to uncurl its tendrils from my corn plants or they might get choked to death... I highly suggest anyone with a little space and a love for squash try the winter varieties.. next year I will def be growing lots more including pumpkins!!! : )

Bummer because I love zuccini bread and really wanted to bake my own...

Maybe ill try again and figure out what this pesky problem is... a animal? A pest? A diease?

Also during the fall/summer harvest I had bad luck with tomatoes as a hornworm and prob some animals teamed up to eat holes in every single fruit before it turned and I could pick it. I eventually had to start picking them green and ripening them in my cabniet..

Soon I will have a yummy spaghetti squash and will post a picture.

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