Saturday, November 13, 2010

BioChar-- Amazing?

After learning about the great power of Biochar I'm holding onto the veggie scraps, branchs, and leaves...

Biochar dates back to pre- cloumbian times where they relized that turning their plant and veggie matter into charcoal and adding it to their soils would great help productivity!

So here's the easiest way to start using biochar in your garden!

Dig foot wide trenchs and about 6 or 7 inchs deep... fill loosley with dry veggie matter and plant waste (dried branchs/leaves/sticks)... set on fire in multiple places using no fire starters (no gas, no lighter fluid, etc)... burn until smoke burns grey... cover with the mounded soil from the sides on trench to put out fire... let smolder until all pieces are small soap sized pieces.. douse with large amounts of water! Done... bio char complete!!!

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