Saturday, November 6, 2010

First homegrown corn... and a cold snap...

Today I woke up to a chilly 49 degrees and got bundled in my skirt and comfy sweater made some hot cocoa and went out to the garden! My carrots and onions have sprouted, my beans and tomatoes are about 6 inches to 1 ft high, my broccoli has sprouted up and so has my rainbow chard!

My winter spaghetti squash plant has started to die off except for the vines that now have 3 spaghetti squashes on it... 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small... the large one has started to turn yellow! Then was the corn where its just popping up on my dwarf 4 ft tall silver queen plants! Then I noticed on my first corn plant had a corn that had shriveled brown silks... it was time to pick!!! I broke it off and pulled down the husk about 2/3rds of the kernels were developed. I had read this means there was poor pollination which makes sense seeing how it was the first corn on the plant and a 2nd only developed about 2 weeks after this first..

Well I filled up a microwave safe container of water and cooked it for 13 min...
Stuck the corn holder in the sides and waited for it to cool.... yummmmm... it was sweet and crunchy packed full of flavor... its amazing just how much more flavor it had then the stuff in the store... I have fallen in love with corn : )

But now as I turn on the news and hear all the bad news while I was waiting for the weather
... but the weather is not good news.. dry and cold... cold meaning it can get into the 30's... now I'm wondering if I should cover my corn, squash, and tomatoes... hmmmm.... off to the thrift stores to get cheap sheets to work as covers!

*sigh* I love the cold weather for the hot cocoa and chance to use our fireplace but I want more corn and tomatoes darn it... : )


  1. Theres nothing like the taste of corn fresh from the garden. I missed it this year, having surrendered in the battle with the raccoons, sigh...

  2. This is my first year and I will be growing a even bigger plot next year I'm in love... though I'm going to atempt to fence off my garden area to keep little animals from digging my crops and eating my tomatoes! : )