Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gardening in FL Dirt

Florida dirt is more like... well sand!
The best bet for starting is to create a raised bed this works for gardening small spaces.

Raised Bed Gardening: Screw 4 pieces of wood together to make a box... please for yours and the earths sake use untreated landscape wood. The best size for a veggie garden bed is 4 x ?.. this is because you will need to be able to reach the middle of the bed from both sides and the average person can reach about 2 feet... the question mark is because really you can make this bed as long or short as you feel is right. most of my gardens are 8 or 10 ft long! After you make your secure bed dig all grass/ weed from in and around the area. Lay your wood in the perm position and fill with a mixture of garden soil and compost.... lots and lots of compost!!

In ground gardening.. will take some work as you must spread compost and work well into the soil... over and over and over... its takes years to get good rich soil and not the sand crap we have... spread manure and straw and newspapers and let rot for about a season... turn and work into the soil after 4-5 months and start again a thick layer of manure and straw and newspaper keep layering on (Bottom: Straw ~ Middle:Newspaper ~ Top: Manure) for about a year or 4 full cycles of rotting and adding and mixing... then plant... all around those plants add straw and already rotted and aged compost and newspaper when those plants die turn everything under and continue.. a couple years later you will start to have the rich soil the northern states are blessed with... though it will never be the same we must work with what we have!!!

Hope you enjoy and start gardening!! (Hint: Right now is peak growing season here in FL)


  1. Thanks for the great Central FL gardening tips. I've never done well with veggies but am getting ready to try again.

  2. Hey good luck! : ) try turnips, lettuce, and carrots this winter they should grow well for you