Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A midweek adventure

As my birthday is fast approching (Nov 16th) I had some stuff I wanted to get done around the house.
I took today off work to spend with family and a breather... so around the house I cleaned and organized as well as started cleaning out my daughters toys and somehow everytime we go to a thrift store she ends up with something new.
I will be donating these to a shelter for christmas for kids who have nothing..

I also received a large metal dog crate from my dad that I placed on a tall table out on our porch lined with hay and moved the chickens in.. this will serve as a 2nd larger brooder before the final move out to the coop at about 6 - 8 weeks old. I'm doing this since as my readers know I lost my last 3 chicks to some predator. My last chicks were moved to the coop at 3 weks of age so now I want to wait doubly as long so they are bigger and it gives me more time to make sure their coop is very safe.

My neighbor in the back has decided on getting a big mean dog who loves to bark and growl. Using a temp fix I put up reed fencing to try to block some of the vision so maybe it won't scare my daughter as much..
It was awful we went out to harvest a corn and the stupid dog started jumping up on the fence, gnashing his teeth at us, and barking/ growling so loud my daughter ran screaming and crying inside... *sigh* oh the joys of urban city living...
As soon as christmas is over (currently taking all my extra $$) I will be buying plants the serve as hedges as I know the reed will last for about a year...

We then went to busch gardens theme park where my daughter met and hugged the seasme street cast and rode some rides...

Came home and ate dinner of italin sausage sandwhichs... now listening to the train in the distance as I finish up and head to bed... another 2 days of work before the wonderful weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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