Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nov 21st - Sweetwater Organic Farmers Market

Todays farmers market was a first of many for my family! Filled with good food, fun clothing, and great people!!

I loved today! Made a trip out to Sweetwater Organic Farm for their Sunday farmers market.
Booths of everything you could want. Handmade crafts like garden art, handmade purses, organic cotton and hemp clothing, lots of organic produce, and even some prepared foods like veggie burgers, smoothies, and yummy salsas!!

So today I bought a handstiched patchwork purse, yummy salsa (chipolte), and a dozen farm fresh eggs.

Ah yes there's nothing better then farm fresh eggs... it even encouraged me to make breakfast for dinner!
Bacon, over easy eggs, and some whole wheat toast! Both my daughter and I loved every bite especially the "eyes" (this is what my daughter calls eggs)

Now I'm relaxing before this work week and a busy thanksgiving since I'm hosting this year!

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