Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To be one with nature

Have you ever buried your feet in the dirt?

Have you ever reached your hand into your soil and really looked at it?

When was the last time you sat on the ground and really just looked around?

Tomorrow after breakfast walk outside take a deep breathe of fresh air, walk to your garden stopping to smell the flowers as you pass them, the take a seat on one your walkways through the gardens and just deep breathe and look around.. the sun shining, the wind blowing, bees buzzing, the dew glistening on the leaves of your plants, maybe your animals walking around enjoying themself... then reach your hands into your soil feeling the moisture, seeing how it falls from your hand... then bury your feet in it... wriggle your toes around a little, feel its coolness...

Yes this will be the start to reunite you with nature, it seems we have all grown apart so much we don't appreciate her and her beauty that comes in the forms of trees, plants, flowers, weeds, wind, sun, water, almost everything you interact with daily that is not man made...

The next time you pick a fruit or vegetable thank the plant it came from... the next time you cut a tree apologize for its hurt... yes it may seem strange but it seems amazing how connected you will feel to the things around you when we stop taking advantage of it and start loving it again : )

Let's work together to unite the people with nature and stop abusing our planet.

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