Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad Soil and a Reader Challenge!

So today as I water my garden with collected water from the rain barrel I relize my goodness florida soil is awful. With my treatments of compost, bone meal, kelp meal... the sand keep rising to the top. Its time for drastic measures!!

In my non used beds I have piled straw bales to rot and decompose.. I also have compost almost ready to spread over top the straw. I have more kelp meal and am looking for a good price on worm castings as well as fish fertilizer.

I am scouring my seed catalogs for a green manure crop to sow during the hot months here in FL. I will no longer be turning soil each season just areating it and adding new organic matter to the top. After a couple years I should have about a foot or two of rich organic matter that will hopefully block this awful sand from rising to the top!

In the new beds I am planning (Coming this Winter/ Spring) I will set fire to chicken poop covered straw as well as rotted food parts (bio char)... the charred remains will be spread on top covered with straw and topped with newspaper and compost. Come Fall it should be rich decomposed earth that my plants will feast upon!

I am giving you all a challenge this winter season. Plan a new garden bed for your spring season.. make it at least a 4 x 8... take a picture of the before and after. Plant 2 veggies you use a lot and plan to use this bed as your putting by bed! (Freeze or can everything you get from this garden. Its a great way to start stocking up and a great reason to transform some of the wasted grass space into a beautful productive oasis!!


  1. I can't imagine anything more fun than playing with chicken poop, straw and fire all at the same time! Seriously!

  2. Yea Kathi for some reason cleaning the coop has a edge of excitment now ; )

    Though because we are so dry down here right now they are not allowing us to burn things openly so I found a beat up metal trashcan I'm going to burn it in then spread it in the garden : )

    Woo Hoo for tiny things that make us happy!!