Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming!!

I always get nervous around the holidays.. is so and so going to like what I'm giving them, how many people are coming, is the house clean enough, is the little one unwrapping gifts, and so on... this year it seems worse!!

I'm hosting and expecting 2 grandmas, 2 moms, and us... yes I know a small family but a very important family that I don't want to dissapoint!!

Wonderful Ronnie cleaned the kicthen spotless and mopped the floors till they sparkled!! He is also helping me with my rearannging project!! I'm moving out dining room out of the carpeted fireplace room and into the tile.. moving the current living room into the fireplace room... its a lot of work but in my head its the right move!

My lettuce is still just a couple inchs tall but seems to be growing at a quicker pace now that the cold has settled in ( or not today was 70)... I think one of my turnips are ready to pick, ill be harvesting 2 beautiful looking bok choi anyday now and its time to thin out my carrots!

I am also waiting on my second planting of veggies to sprout!! Its very dry here as we enter the offcial dry season and the temps have been way below normal almost all month now.

The birdfeeders are filled but the birdbath either freezes or disapates to fast to keep filled..

The chickens are happy.. we let them out to range for around a hour a day right now bringing them in before the sun goes down. After the harsh part of winter is over they will be moving outside to their real coop and be allowed to range from morning till dusk!

Wishing a happy weekend to ya from sunny FL!!

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  1. You will have a wonderful Christmas gathering and all the wee details that you worry about wont even enter anyone else's head. We will go to my son's on the 26th, 2 hours away, for our family gathering which will also be an engagement party for my youngest son and his lovely fiance. Just praying we dont get a snowstorm as I am responsible for desserts for 20 people...Now that's something to worry about!