Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Florida cold weather!


Here in central FL at night its been below freezing for over a hour each night sending waves of panic as the TV annoces "FREEZE WARNINGS" ... I took a drive around the neighborhood to see all the normally lush tropical plants brown, wilted, or covered in sheets, towels, and garbage bags... I myself was outside covering our hibiscus, fig, and guava and brought inside our container flowers, lemon tree, and blackberry bush

My chickens have been wrapped in a double layer of sheets on the sides to block the wind and have their red heat lamp turned on all day and night since our days aren't getting over 55 right now!
They are doing well in this cold.. they peck and play during the day and when the sun goes down the lay together under the heat lamp. They get warm water each night and fresh food since they sem to be eating more now as the temps go down!

So far I lost all the tomatoes, tomatillos, beans, amaranth, malabar spinach, and corn.. though my lettuce, turnips, carrots, and broccoli seem to be enjoying themselves.

Work has been crazy and I have come down with a ugly cold that has me stuck under the heated blanket when I'm not at work... luckily I had some homemade chicken stew in the freezer that I took out and thawed for dinner last night and tonight Ronnie made us spaghetti!

My little girl seems to like the cold but doesn't understand why she needs to stay bundled... she would much rather run around in just a diaper!!

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  1. Oh dear I have been wondering how your garden survived all the southern cold. I hope you got to bring in some tomatoes before they got frosted. I am still eating the last of my greenhouse tomatoes I brought in 3 weeks ago. Its been really cold up here but there isnt a speck of snow here along the coast, but poor ontario has about 4 feet!