Saturday, December 11, 2010

My clothing splurge!

I'm a thrift store junkie I will buy kitchen goodies, electronics, clothing, belts and toys (no stuffed animals though) from many thrift stores around the bay area I recived cash as a gift and splurged on myself. I'm a lover of the "hippie" style clothing its part of me but its hard to find that type of stuff in thrift stores as many don't seem to share my taste.

I went to which is filled with goodies I can't help but fall in love with. Their prices though are a little high but many people spend $20 a shirt or $30 for a pair of good pants anyway!

A lot of their goodies are fair trade, and made with recycled fibers, organic cotton or hemp. At least the item I bought (Piece by peace long skirt) was very well made not to mention so comfy and beautiful I feel as if I could live in it!!
I have worn it out twice and have received over a dozen "I love your skirt"

If you have a urge to splurge and find yourself wanting a comfy good vibed outfit check out!!


  1. Oh Brittany, you should have grown up in the 60's and 70's, you would have been a great flower child!

  2. Lol so I've been told.. just got to make the best of the decade I was brought into I guess : ) ... it adds to my charm and weirdness!!

    Glad to hear from you kathi! I'm always checking to see if you have posted on your blog!!!

  3. I've been busy making Christmas presents but I cant put what I'm doing on the blog in case the recipients see it. I took a chance with the wooden wagon and blocks. That is for my grandson, Connor, age 2.