Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Plans and Ideas for this coming spring

Yes its that time time to play with the little one and.. to dream of spring planting! Corn, tomatoes, beans, melons... its a wonderful dream on this cold wet windy day!

I have now recived my bakers creek, johnnys, pinetree, seeds of change and a couple more seed catalogs as well as midwest brewing (which has me intrigued about brewing my own wine)...

My bakers creek has been poured over once already and it seems at least half the book I want but only marked maybe a quarter ; )

I have also reimagined my backyard from a mostly grass (weed) land to a lush veggie, fruit, and tree paradise!
I want at least 3 banana trees, I want to build a large trelis against the fence for cukes and jicama... I want to build many little teepees for my crops of dry beans I want to plant, as well as tall wood towers for the cowpeas to climb... 2 narrow beds of wonderful juicy plump red strawberries... a small sitting covered area crawling with grape vines, a small pond with fish and water flowers... a huge sunflower patch that allows me to feed all the birds, I imagine rows of tomatoes that will produce baskets full of large small orange, purple, yellow, white, and of course red yummy tomatoes...

This of course is just my dreaming but darn it I will work my tail end off to make this a reality!!

After my last season of harvesting mostly dissapointment I relized one huge thing. I need to plant much more of each item.. it seems I'm only planting enough at this point to take care of our intial needs.. I want to store, can, and freeze my foods for future use!

So my goal is to turn my backyard into a true urban farm that can feed me and my family plus have enough to store and maybe some to share!!

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