Friday, December 31, 2010

Record Setting Temps

Here in central FL we have already had 2 deep freezes and a number of other freezes. This is very rare of FL and we have broken all the December temp records.

Today though the high is in the lower 70's and is bright & sunny. The chickens are out shaking their feathers and enjoying soaking up the sun.

Yesterday I enjoyed a picnic on the beach with my mom who is in town from IL.
Today is payday so I will be ordering a bunch of seeds so I can start them next month..

I also will be hitting up our local produce stand so I can test out my new canning kit!! : )

Have a great new years eve everyone!!!

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  1. The weather has gone crazy planet wide. A piece of Australia bigger than Texas is under deep floodwaters, Europe is in a prolonged deep freeze with the coldest temps they say in 1000 years, and buried in deep snow, and where I live in east coast New Brunswick, Dec was one deluge of rain after another with high winds, flooding, and very destructive tidal surges. We are having a few days of above freezing daytime temps at present perfect for puttering in the sunny greenhouse!