Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seed Catalog to Seed Catalog

Ahhh yes winter where my garden is alive with winter greens and other cold season goodies but where most of the country has put the garden beds to sleep and the seed catalogs for next seasons goodies start pouring in!!

I have already received 3 and am just waiting for bakers creek (which is my favorite and where most of our seeds will be purchased.) ..
on the homesteading group I'm a part of a couple people have already recived thier bakers creek so now I'm very excited and will be checking my mailbox faithfully every afternoon waiting for it!!!


  1. I know! I can't wait to get mine rolling in! I like the new picture btw!

  2. Hi stasi-mae glad to see someone else as excited as myself!! Thank you for the compliment, I snapped this picture on the way to the farmers market and fell in love with it! : )

    I enjoy your comments and hope you keep reading!!

  3. I received some seeds in the mail the other day from Johnnys selected seeds in Maine, so exciting! Their website has a dozen pages of SALE stuff. Everything I got was $1.00 a package. I am excited to have all the parts and pieces for a 30 foot high tunnel greenhouse I am going to build in the spring, from Johnnys plans in their seed catalog. We went to Maine (from new brunswick canada)to get all the metal pipes etc the other day so it's all stowed in the barn for now. So many fun things to do when you're a gardener!